Much hyped newcomers

Hailing from Florida (well, originally) The Drums could well bring a little sunshine into the depths of winter.

Relocating to New York to get where the action is, The Drums have lost none of the warmth of the sunshine state. The band's debut EP 'Summertime' bristled with energy, mixing punk-funk rhythms with surf-pop harmonies.

Since then the band have been submerged with an avalanche of hype. The Drums have played only a handful of British shows to date, yet have been smothered in more press inches than your average Royal hiccup.

Returning with their new single 'I Felt Stupid' the band are eager to get back to their first love - the music. Featuring a sparkling new video the latest single from The Drums is packed with energy, and enough pop hooks to keep Simon Cowell in white t-shirts for another series of The X Factor.

Watch it now...


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