Analogue meets digital...

One of the saddest aspects of the digital revolution is being forced to throw away all your old video cassettes.

It's always a sobering welcome to the 21st century when that well-worn 'Masters Of The Universe' VHS gets tossed onto the bin. Thankfully, The Cast Of Cheers have found a way to recycle those old tapes.

The clip for upcoming single 'Animals' finds The Cast Of Cheers re-using their VHS collection as a unique prop. Setting up an array of televisions, the band then perform in front of recordings of... themselves.

It's simple, fun and easy to replicate. A bit like the single, really, with 'Animals' boasting yet more instantly contagious Afro-pop riffing and a chorus built to be sung back by a thousand voices.

Here's the video.

- - -

The Cast Of Cheers are set to release 'Animals' on April 23rd.

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