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Listen to The Brute Chorus's self titled debut here on ClashMusic ahead of it's 19th October release.

Read ClashMusic's review of the album, which we called "Storming stuff', HERE.

The band's James Steel has also supplied a track by track guide to the album to give some insight into the twelve songs, enjoy:

1. Hercules
Is one of my favourite songs on the album. It's a spoken word song and opens this record with an urgent rat tat tat on a wood block sounding like the debt collector’s final brass knuckled rap on a door, then the setting of the scene as in Greek tragedy: Hercules meets Samson and Delilah to compare hair cuts etc. It's our take on a New Orlean’s rhythm track intended to sound like The Cramps playing in Lee Dorsey’s Coalmine.

2. She Was Always Cool
This is the oldest Brute song on the record and usually kicks off our live shows. It was written as I toured Australia without a guitar hence the lack of instrumentation at the beginning. I wrote it to the sound of my own hand claps after a close encounter with a waitress in Byron Bay.

3. Send Me A Message
I wrote this at Christmas time last year and the lyrics are borrowed from various folk tales, blues songs and Silent Night '...laid me in a stable bare, my cattle we a-lo-ing'. This is the point where the Brute Choir arrive on the album and you can really feel the buzz in the room.

4. Grow Fins
This is one of our most popular songs at gigs. It's a fanciful tale about a flood and being rescued by a woman and growing fins. Inspired by She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain and Captain Beefheart. It's supposed to be silly.

5. Nebuchadnezzar
I saw Arthur Boyd’s amazing painting of Nebuchadnezzar On Fire Falling Over A Waterfall in Australia. The song has more spooked out chants from the choir as a man tells of imagining throwing himself in to a river and rising back up as a golden god. Not a bad idea!

6. Blind Ulysses
The first ballad of the set burns slowly over a bed of throbbing detuned guitars. Only the girls of the choir are left to add siren-like backing vocals, we don't get to play this very often and I was worried it wouldn't work. If you listen carefully to the recording, i the silence after the song someone says 'Fucking A!'. I heard it on the night and knew we'd got it right.

7. Love’s Chains
The second and last ballad of the record was inspired by the opening passages of Ovid’s Metamorphoses and it uses the flood analogy once again to describe the union of two people in a changing and uncertain world. I'd just got engaged when I wrote this.

8. The Cuckoo & The Stolen Heart
Tigs (Chew Lips) and Mat Martin (The Hobopop Collective) joined us on stage for this. It's one of our most popular songs live but because Tigs is busy with Chew Lips we rarely get to play it. On the last note I fell over the monitor behind me. Everyone cheered but I was pretty embarassed. Lots of people took pictures. I just got up and tried to act like nothing had happened and get on with the next song. I fall over all the time on stage but because of the pressure of this gig it felt a lot worse than it was. You can't even hear it.

9. All The Pilgrims
This was the first single from the album to be released and is a kind of psychobilly thing. It's got this great keyboard drone from Nick and a throbbing Damned style bass groove from Dave. It's about hero worship mixed with religious imagery and is a song of devotion to a girl who, with her bob hair cut, looks like Joan of Arc. One of the first songs we did where I don't play an instrument and it was a real lesson for me in how to be a front man.

10. Chateau
Our first single and another of my favourites. I love stamping around to this on stage. It's great because the dynamics really move with this song and one minute I'm screaming my throat out, the next I'm whispering to a wolf on the other side of the door.

11. The Ransom
Our thin veil of a slick well-produced recording is well and truly dropped on this song. I fluffed the opening lines and had to stop the band. The crowd cheer their support and we got our act together once again for a garage rock blaster complete with ya ya’s, swirling synthesizers and fuzzed out harmonica. We decided to keep the mistake in. We're human afterall and we want people to know it. Nobody's perfect so why pretend?

12. I’m Gonna Shake Your Treehouse Down
The last song has a Spector-beat feel and Matt's favourite band The Jesus and Mary Chain are invoked for this song about a man visited by another man’s wife one hot night. He takes her in just before another deluge breaks, the power fails, and the lightning flashes about. It's intended as a warning to all those who don’t look after the things they hold dear not a glorification of fucking another person's wife. Trust me... don't even go there.

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The Brute Chorus are on tour in the UK throughout October, check out the tour dates below.

The Brute Chorus UK Tour

7 Oct SINGLE LAUNCH PARTY @ The Old Blue Last w/Lord Auch & Josh Weller, London
19 Oct In The City, Manchester
20 Oct Rough Trade East, Brick Lane, London
21 Oct Jam, Brighton
22 Oct Boileroom, Guilford
23 Oct Quarterhouse, Folkestone
24 Oct Met University, Leeds
25 Oct Instore @ Attic Records, York
29 Oct Captain’s Rest, Glasgow
30 Oct Tollbooth, Stirling
31 Oct Uncle Alberts, Middlesborough
27 Nov Clocktower, Croydon

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