Hear ' King Of The Rodeo'

This uber-cool Aussie outfit have got more soul than Nina Simone and Little Richard sitting in a jazz cafe singing Sister Sledge.

Okay, slight overstatement, but they are pretty far up there in the nu-retro-soul genre. They have been the leading exponents of old school funk since the massive success of their previous album 'Rawville'. Leading up to the release of their new third album, 'Side-Stepper', the band were brushing shoulders with the likes of Moloko and avid fan Mr Scruff. Successful tours throughout Europe during 2006/07 highlighted the band's talents, culminating in an absorbing performance in 'The Jazz Cafe', London.

The Bamboos formed in 2001 and immediately grabbed attention in the soul world with the release of the 'Eel Oil/Blackfoot' 7” release. The band contains seven permanent members as well as floating vocalist Kylie Auldist. Throughout 'Rawville' and new record 'Side-Stepper', the band have employed a more song based approach and included guest vocals from an array of talent including Megan Washington, Ohmega Watts, Tyra Hammond, Paul McInnes and even hip-hop artist MC Ty. Their swinging upbeat attitude is encapsulated in their cover of Kings of Leon hit 'King of the Rodeo', which received excellent praise from UK radio stations.

Listen to The Bamboos' cover of Kings Of Leon's 'King Of The Rodeo' below -


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