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Women have always been the subject of pop songs - but then, that's the problem.

Pushed back into a corner, assigned roles, the history of pop music is littered with songs which - intentionally or not - aren't exactly inclusive towards any kind of femininity. Equally, though, this language, this system has given way to a tradition of subversion, of wit and irony which has produced works of great power.

It's a delicate balance. On their new album, Tender Trap take a good, long look at the history of women as viewed by the pop song in order to find their place in the world.

'Ten Songs About Girls' is out this week, and to celebrate ClashMusic asked the group - including lead singer Amelia Fletcher - to construct their own list of ten songs about girls. Here's what they came up with.

- - -

1. Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl
The song that defined riot grrrl. Thousands of girls started bands, wrote feminist zines and got more demanding. We hoped things would change. Some did. Some didn't.

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

- - -

2. The Fall - Victoria
The best song ever written about a British monarch. The Fall's version just pips the Kinks original. Should have been played at the Olympics opening ceremony.

The Fall - Victoria

- - -

3. Blondie - Sunday Girl
No idea what a Sunday Girl is, but it doesn't sound like a good thing to be. Who wouldn't have wanted to be Debbie Harry though?

Blondie - Sunday Girl

- - -

4. Go Betweens - The Clarke Sisters
Karren and Lee Remick may be more fun but this is more heartstoppingly moving. A rare song about older women. Lives passing too quickly while dreams are always put off for tomorrow.

Go Betweens - The Clarke Sisters

- - -

5. Anna Karina - Roller Girl
Makes roller skating seem by far the coolest way to get around town. (Even though slipping over in an undignified manner is more likely on skates than on the number 172 bus.)

Anna Karina - Rollergirl

- - -

6. Long Blondes - Once and Never Again
A love song from an older woman to younger one. A funny, real, unique and strangely sexy perspective.

Long Blondes - Once And Never Again

- - -

7. Le Tigre - Hot Topic
Kathleen Hanna again. This time managing to make an indie disco hit out of a list of feminist heroes. Tempted to cover it and personalise the list....the possibilities are endless.

Le Tigre - Hot Topic

- - -

8. The Seekers - Georgy Girl
Theme tune for the 1968 British film. Lynn Redgrave feels plain and awkward, and is finally made happy by a baby (albeit it's not hers). Why is this so good?

The Seekers - Georgy Girl

- - -

9. Magnetic Fields - A Pretty Girl Is Like A.....
In Which Stephin Merritt concludes that a pretty girl is like ..... a pretty girl. Genius.

Magnetic Fields - A Pretty Girl Is Like A.....

- - -

10. Lovely Eggs - I Like Birds But I Like Other Animals Too
Erm, actually this song really is about birds, not girls. But it is simply brilliant and should be included on any list of ten songs.

Lovely Eggs - I Like Birds But I Like Other Animals Too

- - -

'Ten Songs About Girls' is out now.

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