Essential outdoor gadgets

The geeks of Clash Click don’t leave the safety of their virtual environs very often, but festival season gives an excuse to load the gadget wagon with the technology that makes our campsite a little more homely. This is what we’re packing.

1. Power Ranger

First thing’s first: every festival soldier needs a kitbag. We may be offgrid, but we still need to power the rest of our electrickery. Voltaic offer a range of solar powered backpacks that output four watts. One hour in the sun = three hours of talk time.

2. Mini turbine

Glasto clouded out and no sun to speak of? Ever resourceful, we also roll with a micro wind power generator, which can be clipped practically anywhere. Twenty minutes gives enough for a quick reboot.

3. Power Strap

Yeah, yeah. So what are we charging? Only a watch strap made not of time, but of gadget juice. We wear two. Round the office. It’ll charge your 3DS as well as your mobile or iPad, and it’s waterproof too.

4. Waterproof Cases

We’ve been rocking these for a year or so, these heavy duty padded cases float when dropped in water, repel dust, sand and liquid and allow access to touch screens. They even have a gold 3.5 jack for the included (and also waterproof) headphones.

5. Self-Inflating Camp Mat

We can handle the canvas, but sleeping down in the dirt really isn’t for us. And we’re a little lazy. Enter this polyester hiking mat that springs into comfortable multi-tog action at the press of a button.

6. Sleeping Bag Suit

You may look a little like the Michelin man crossed with a Cornish fisherman, but when the rain rolls in, there ain’t nothing more cosy than a Musuc Bag. It’s like a slanket, only padded.

7. Night Light

Not that practical on a busy festival site, but as fans of Ridley Scott’s retrofitted opus Bladerunner, we just had to get ourselves one of these beauties. Windproof, virtually unbreakable and with enough lumens to light the way back to Clash camp.

8. Caffeine

We start every morning with an espresso without fail, and are not about to start slumming it now we’ve relocated to a field. Each cartridge of this handheld coffee machine delivers eight shots, and is reportedly used by coffee farmers to check the quality of the beans.

9. Shower

Filthy Fox specialise in keeping clean with a range of accessories. The essential for any respectable outdoorsman, three hours in the sunshine warms up a plentiful twenty litre scrub down.

10. Portaloo

No campsite is complete without a toilet, and pubic lavatories are for the riff raff. These portable potties may not be porcelain, but they’re ours and definitely ain’t for sharing.

Words by Kingsley Marshall

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