The end is nigh

I AM SO SAD. I can’t believe SXSW is over for another year. I know you’re probably just as bummed as me about this too… This is my last blog post and all.

I want to write that I’ll make it the best blog post you’ve ever read, and that so much rad stuff happened to me yesterday your eyes are gonna fall out of your totally blown mind, but to be honest, yesterday was a pretty slow day.

It’s just that SXSW is so massively overwhelming, each year it seems to get bigger, and Saturday night is the peak, the climax of the madness, the blowout. There are lines for everything, guestlist for everything; it’s kind of exhausting. Even at 8pm when I tried to go and watch Troy from Community rap (lol) the venue was one in one out. In the end I saw Grimes, who was great, had a drink with my friend who I hadn’t seen in six months, and then got wasted in another hot tub, this time with less humiliation.

I suppose that’s my favourite thing that I haven’t really mentioned here. When you come to SXSW you get to see friends who you only really see once or twice a year. I know it sounds sentimental and a bit lame, but it’s one of the things I really love about this festival.

During the day I did manage to watch some bands though. I caught The Holidays, whose album is great, and finally got to see DZ Deathrays who are like a more punk DFA 1979 and totally awesome. I sat in the sun and listened to Little Comets and then I went down to this cute park in the middle of the city and saw Marques Toliver play a heartbreakingly stripped back set by a little stream. It was a perfect way to end a perfect trip.


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