Ninja on the band's style
Style Clash - The Go! Team

Ninja, the lead vocalist from The Go! Team, enjoys touring with her troupe worldwide, spreading their eclectic sound beats and sourcing an international wardrobe along the way.

Who are The Go! Team?
The energetic sextet combine indie, garage, rock, funk and old school hip-hop influences whilst incorporating Sonic Youth-style guitars and double dutch chants. Founded by Ian Parton, the group’s lead vocalist Ninja often freestyles in performances. Next year they are due to embark on a nineteen-date UK tour in February to coincide with the release of the band’s third LP.

People may not expect…
“The new album’s sound; it’s fifty percent Go! Team - noise, thrash, chaos and mess - but it’s got a little twist; there are more melodies, harmonies and female vocals. It’s a little easier to listen to, though there are still songs to smash your bedroom up to.”

Our music has evolved…
“The style and the influences are still the same; I’ve got my hip-hop background, I’m very into ’90s rap. Ian has been listening to some Brazilian stuff and a lot of Afro-beat on this particular album. We’ve even got an African gospel choir and a teenage brass band with live horns.”

We all like to wear…
“Bright colours. We’re not a moody grungy band. I don’t know if we’re all ever going to grow up… I’ll wear a top with a hood that’s got ears on it.”

I have a habit of…
“Collecting clothes from around the world, especially in Japan. I’ll go crazy over there, and America as well. I always buy bright kinda cutesy stuff from around the world. I have shoes from Sweden, jeans from Australia and tops from Japan.”

Most memorable gig…
“Was definitely Japan, Fuji Rocks, which takes place in the mountains. It’s a great place to explore and so much to see. It was loads of fun, the crowd are really eager to please you and enjoy the music.”

At the Mercury Music Awards it was the only time…
“We all co-ordinated our outfits and said, ‘Let’s all wear red white and blue’. There’s a big picture of us all holding the award and we all look really good, like a team!”

Words by Camilla Felici


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