Style Clash: Jennifer Herrema

RTX rebel front woman
Style Clash: Jennifer Herrema
The original ‘heroin chic’ poster girl and RTX rebel front woman, Jennifer Herrema is a true rock style icon; a singer, writer, producer, model and artist now with denim range to boot.

Who are RTX?
RTX is Jennifer Herrema’s manifestation of her former band Royal Trux, which Jennifer started at sixteen with ex-lover Neil Hagerty. Formed in 1987, the hugely influential Royal Trux was plagued by drug abuse and a restrictive record deal, causing them to spilt in 2001. The legacy of the band’s stripped down, lo-fi experimental sound has lived on in RTX and Jennifer’s work with bands who quote her as an inspiration, including Primal Scream, The Kills and more recently MGMT.

RTX is defined by…
“My partnership with my band and the product of concentrating more on mutual ground and the shared sensibilities as opposed to separate like Royal Trux was.”
Working with Primal Scream…
“Was a total blast! They were they were such gentlemen and treated me so fucking well - not to blow up their spot as rock ‘n’ roll ruffians.”  
My most recent collaboration was…
“MGMT - it was totally bitchin’!”
My earliest fashion memory is…
“My mom came home with her hair frosted white and I thought she’d got instantly old. I freaked out and threw myself down the stairs. I was so scared she was gonna die. She had to explain the whole trend to me and it was a total fashion moment that I won’t forget.”
My obsession is…
“Tails. I always loved fur tails as a kid, I had a Davey Crockett hat when I was really little and I pulled the tail off and it became my favorite blanket thing and I slept with it every night. Growing up in D.C. as a little kid, in the late ’70s and ’80s Funkadelic/Parliament were rockin’ the tails and you’d see the cool funk life dudes in my hood and they were kickin’ the tails. I thought it was totally dope.”
My designs for Volcom are…
“Total mall rat-pack sun-oriented, super affordable denim with fades and patches, adhering to the super laid back surf and skate ‘boyfriend’ fit. I’m introducing two more pairs of jeans with my ‘road tested’, more intense crafting destroyed and patched skinnier, those will all come with fox-tails.”
My most treasured possession is…
“My Sennheiser MD441 microphone.”

Words by Camilla Felici

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