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Still Corners are something quite special.

So when ClashMusic managed to get the London group to write a guide to their debut album, we weren't expecting the usual studio titbits. Instead, Still Corners have crafted a series of unique analogies, linking each song to one of their favourite films.

An unusual yet deeply inventive guide, Still Corners offer numerous points of intersection with their debut album 'Creatures Of An Hour'. Out today (October 10th) on Sub Pop, you can stream the album below while reading the band's intriguing track by track guide.

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Still Corners - Creatures of an Hour by subpop

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1. Cuckoo – Jules et Jim.
They’re all crazy about one another going round in circles until eventually Catherine drives Jim off the edge of a bridge leaving Jules to dispose of their ashes. The heart’s a strange muscle.

2. Circulars – Vertigo.
The organ in Circulars creates a sense of unease, like James Stewart looking down at the streets from 40 stories up. You can get the same effect by listening to this on headphones or staring at Kim Novak’s profile for too long.

3. Endless Summer – Blue Hawaii.
Elvis rocking the beach vibe, singing and slicing sand against the burning sun with the big blue ocean as the back drop. You never want it to end.

4. Into the Trees – Picnic at Hanging Rock.
Mysterious forces of nature pulling beautiful girls into it’s depths. They become lost or do they disappear? Did they want to disappear? What caused this? Both song and film ask more questions than they answer.

5. The White Season – Let the Right One In.
It’s the dead of winter and a little boy and a vampire girl fall in love. It’s stay under the duvet don’t go outside cold weather music. It’s romantic.

6. I Wrote in Blood – Mulholland Drive.
Love as obsession. One person can’t live without the other. The idea of not being together is too much leading to murder and suicide.

7. The Twilight Hour – The Breakfast Club.
The Princess falls in love with the Criminal, ear rings are exchanged while the sun starts to set, cue the Twilight Hour.

8. Velveteen – Alice in Wonderland.
I’m referring to the Percy Stow BFI restored version here Alice crosses the line entering into another world, a fantastical and strange world. Mute the original score and play Velveteen and follow Alice down the rabbit hole.

9. Demons – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
Demons is about struggling with personal demons but the chorus echoes hope and suggests that just as the season’s change so will the situation. In Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure they’re lost in time but there’s hope they’ll make it back to San Dimas High, pass their history exam and avoid military academy. It’s something we can all wish for.

10. Submarine – Splash.
Tom Hanks falls in love with a mermaid and is taken to an underwater fantasy land. He can’t actually breathe underwater but a mermaid’s kiss sorts this out. It’s just like in the song when the chorus repeats “color of the water…” - like looking into Daryl Hannah’s ocean blue colored eyes.

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'Creatures Of An Hour' is out now.

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