Globe spanning dance music

It's a long time since popular music could be summed up by four smiling Liverpudlians making thumbs up signs to the world's press and that can only be a good thing.

So, how to sum up music in the Twenty First Century? How about a multinational four piece instead, from as distant as the Middle East and Chile, each bringing their own disparate influences to a unique whole which has precious few signposts of what has gone before or what will come next. Yes, you're way ahead of me, I'm talking about Skank Sinatra.

Operating loosely in the genre we'd term Dance, and again turning our expectations around, Skank Sinatra are no anonymous troupe. Heading up the outfit is Spiced Arab with colleagues, tech-head Henley Shire, percussion powerhouse Bible Basher and, on keys, Chilli Rosales. Their debut album 'Barcoded (Part 1)' consists of seven tracks comprising the four piece's contribution to the album.

The next seven tracks are made up of remixes of the first part of the album by names such as Tom Middleton and Freerange Records' Shur I Khan. Another mark of the outfit's forward thinking approach to their art. So, we got them figured out now? Nope. The band is also an indemand live outfit having supported De La Soul and Arrested Development. Bottom line, just give them your ears.


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