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There's something happening here...

But what is is, ain't exactly clear. There seems to be a new mood in British guitar music. Over the past few years innovation has been kept on the fringes, erupting in genres such as dubstep while the term 'landslide indie' was coined.

This summer, though, has seen a series of startling releases. A new network of tiny bedroom labels has allowed new talent to flourish, taking guitar music back underground for the first time in almost a decade.

As a result, there is a closeknit community of new artists who tour with each other, write with each other and release each other's records.

And now for the singles...

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Single Of The Week

Male Bonding - Weird Feelings

Now this is good. With the glut of great music coming out of the States right now people seem to be forgetting that London is awash with stunning new groups. Male Bonding might recall prime era Husker Du but the band have a deeply English sensibility, like the post-hardcore Buzzcocks. Taken from their debut long player, ‘Weird Feelings’ opens up with a rumbling bass line before giving way to chiming guitar lines. Over and out in just over two minutes, Male Bonding make perfect pop with a twisted imagination. The best part? This is only the beginning.

Male Bonding - Weird Feelings

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And the rest...

Chilly Gonzales- I Am Europe
An odd one. Chilly Gonzales is the type of producer who can effortlessly produce classic piano laden house, he just seems to get a little bored. Adding some bizarre lyrics to ‘I Am Europe’ were find out that Gonzales is – amongst other things – “a toilet with no seat”. If Salvador Dali ever made a visit to Chicago around 1987 it would no doubt end up like this. Hugely enjoyable but deeply unsettling it diverts from dancefloor fodder such as ‘Never Stop’ to mark Chilly Gonzales out as a true original.

Sky Larkin – Still Windmills
Sky Larkin are adorable. Sure, they’re only two albums into their career but that slimline discography contains some GOLD y’hear? Taken from their new album, ’Still Windmills’ is already a live favourite. All colliding guitar lines and stop-start rhythms it showcases a band growing more confident with each step. Where Sky Larkin will finish up is anyone’s guess.

Sky Larkin - Still Windmills

- - -

PVT – Window
In which Pivot become PVT and locate a lost store of antique synths. ‘Window’ is the band’s first single from their pretty belting new album, and finds the math-rock crew moving in electronic directions. Of course, it’s not exactly face-melting electro with some tripped out harmonies and jagged rhythms on show. Pounding, visceral fun from the marsupial math rock outfit.

Plants & Animals – The Mama Papa
An ode to 60s harmony popsters The Mamas And Papas? Hell no. Anthemic post-punk which hints at some decidedly dodgy deeds. Gloriously sleazy with a velvet glamour, ‘The Mama Papa’ is like Television tuned into the classic pop channel. Dark, gothic fun but without the hangover. What could go wrong?

The Charlatans –Love Is Ending
In which The Charlatans go punk. Seriously, Steve Jones (Sex Pistol, not T4) would be proud of these guitar chords. With debut album ’Some Friendly’ turning 20 years old, the band have thrown caution to the wind and sound all the better for it. In all honesty the most energised the band have seemed in years. Roll on the album.

Villagers – Ship Of Promises
Nominated for the Mercury, Villagers have leaped into the public consciousness. The real crime, of course, is that debut album ‘Becoming A Jackal’ was so overlooked. Taken from the lp new single ‘Ship Of Promises’ is a sumptuous slice of orchestral songwriting. Well-crafted songwriting which will never go out of fashion, this lot could be an outside bet…

Villagers - Ship Of Promises

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