With Jonsi, Gonjasufi, Stornoway...
Jonsi - Go Do screenshot

Some good valued added this week with two E.P.s leading us off. However, Jonsi's three track effort (great though it is) is rather overshadowed by Daedalus' eight track effort. It's almost an album! Now that's thinking of your fans in these cash strapped times.

Elsewhere we run the gamut from indie-folk to desert worn hip hop with new releases from Stornoway,. We Have Band, Gonjasufi and Peggy Sue all frozen, sliced very thinly and placed under a microscope. Sonically speaking, of course.


Jonsi - ‘Go Do’

The Sigur Ros frontman unveils another project, this time a proper solo album and this lead track, taken from this week's 'Go Do' E.P.. Looking like a male Bjork, his voice remains unmistakeable while the music alternately flutters and bangs. It certainly won't alienate any fans of Sigur Ros being a semi-logical progression of their sound with perhaps less “glacial soundscapes” and more heartfelt euphoria.


Daedelus - 'Order Of The Golden Dawn feat. Laura Darling'

It's a brave man who releases an eight track E.P. of new material (this week's 'Righteous Fists Of Harmony' release). He must be confident of the forthcoming album, due late 2010, and with the material on display here, he's right to be. 'Order Of The Golden Dawn' features folk princess Laura Marling and takes her own light, acoustic folk down to the beach in Rio for a flute flecked, barbecue soundtracking strum.


Gonajasufi – 'Kobwebz'

Assisted here by producer Gaslamp Killer, 'Cobwebz' is taken from Gonjasufi's excellent 'A Sufi And A Killer' album that recently streamed on ClashMusic.com. A suitable calling card, the stoned, dusty groove and Eastern twangs seeing Sumach rap, sing and mutter is a suitably enigmatic way. It's a potent blend and, while the unfamiliar should sample in small doses, those used to such concentrated substances should imbibe deeply.


We Have Band – 'Divisive'

With a nifty video perhaps hoping for an OK Go style viral explosion, you have to admire the band's patience with this time lapse set-up (and is it me or do they spell out 'shit' at one point?). Also worth admiring is their electro funk pop and way with a chorus. The trio make a very pleasing racket, all corners rounded and pleasingly streamlined.


Stornoway – I Saw You Blink

As soon as they appeared and it was discovered they weren't from Stornoway, I knew it was a matter of time before the tour of the remoter parts of Scotland would be announced ( and not just Stornoway, cause that just be gimmicky ;-). I can now relax and enjoy their strummy indie folk propelled by a speed walking bassline as the tour is go. See you in the wicker man at Sun up!


Peggy Sue – Watchman

Ditching the '& The Pirates' from their name, (or did they actually ask the swashbuckling members to do one? That'd be risking a walk the plank kinda situation), Peggy Sue tease us with a preview from their forthcoming 'Fossils And Other Phantoms' album. The trio, sure to face a barrage of 'So, which one is Peggy?' questions, are the latest from the Mumford, Noah, Marling corner of the music room. A very necessary addition they are too, the twin vocals of Katy and Rosa riding a galloping, percussion laden tune that massages the ears beautifully.

Words by Nick Annan

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