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Single Of The Week

James Yuill – ‘No Surprise’

Yet more lovely folktronica from the London bard. Taken from last year’s debut album, this was a highlight even on a record packed to the gills with sparkling songwriting. Yuill’s gentle finger picking floats above a squelching bass before a xylophone pokes in with a lilting melody. Equally at home on the dancefloor or on your stereo, just turn this up loud, let the sun shine in and curl up in its warm grooves as the ice forms around your window.

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Also out today…

Morrissey – ‘I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris’

Well he’s not exactly going to hug London now, is he? That’s where the NME live. The Master of Mope returns once more, with a typically anthemic tale of frustration. “Nobody wants my love.” he groans, as Blighty continues to let johnny foreigner run amok and forgets about the simpler days when we all sat about drinking tea and being witty. Heading to the capital of romance just in time for Valentine’s, this is a charming return but hardly breaking new ground for the melancholic Mancunian.

My Chemical Romance – ‘Desolation Row’

Sweet Jesus! What have we done to deserve this? The snow melts, the roads re-open and the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll goes trickling down the drain courtesy of these made up Yanks.

The Dø – ‘On My Shoulders’

French/Finnish group The Dø have been in the news recently after stealing chief Kook Luke to record new material. ‘On My Shoulders’ shows that they don’t exactly need the help – this is charming orchestral psychedelia, a tapestry of backwards samples battling sweeping strings. Soft and fuzzy, maybe The Kooks should get in touch with The Dø to add something unexpected to their bog standard indie menu.

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The Dø – ‘On My Shoulders’

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The Killers – ‘Spaceman’

Neither human nor dancer, it seems, as the Las Vegas icons decide they are in fact spacemen. As the group ascend into a world of stadium tours and record-breaking releases it seems churlish to hurl criticism their way. It’s a well-worn template by now, blending a pounding beat with a chorus as huge as the Bank Of Scotland’s overdraft. Destined to be enjoyed by thousands come festival season. Is it just us, though, or does Brandon sound a bit like Roy Orbison on this? That’s not a bad thing by the way.

Saint Etienne – ‘Method Of Modern Love’

Almost instantly familiar, ‘Method Of Modern Love’ feels like a re-release. Trends come and go, but Saint Etienne never lose their pop touch coming over all Pet Shop Boys on this return. They can still crank out classic pop, but whether the world wants to listen is another matter.

Telepathe – ‘So Fine’

So I hear that you and your band have sold your guitars and bought some vintage analogue synths. It seems that six strings have gone the way of the dodo in chart land, with the freezing temperatures calling for something a little icy. Telepathe are from Brooklyn and make electro, and hence will be named the new MGMT, but in reality sound nothing like them. Mean and moody, but perhaps lacking a pop touch.

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Telepathe – ‘So Fine’

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