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It's singles time again.

With Woolworths going into administration perhaps its time to reflect on those early record-buying years, when this writer would trawl the Woolies bargain bin looking for deleted indie singles. Will future generations get as nostalgic about iTunes, we ponder? Sitting by the computer, patiently checking the available bandwidth…

With that in mind, here is a round up of the singles due out on December 8th, dedicated to the kind people at Woolworths. Can we have some free pick ‘n’ mix?

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Single Of The Week

Neon Neon – ‘Dream Cars’

Gruff Rhys must have an imagination deeper than a trench in the Pacific Ocean. From those murky depths emerged the Neon Neon project, a collaboration with the producer Boom Bip. Based around the life of playboy car engineer John DeLorean, their debut album ‘Stainless Style’ combined lyrics about catalytic convertors with sublime synths and infectious beats. ‘Dream Cars’ was a standout track on that album, and now gets a deserved single release. With one eye on the past and another on the future, Neon Neon sound completely unique. Challenging and thoughtful pop – just please make another album!

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Neon Neon – ‘Dream Cars’ (live)

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Also out today…

Cat Power – ‘The Dark End of The Street’

When did Cat Power get so boring? Sure, I’m glad she’s wrapped up her troubles, but when it results in music as pedestrian as this dearest Chan becomes easy to love but difficult to listen to. A version of the James Carr classic that sits uneasily alongside the emotional depth of the original, and of course Power’s own back catalogue, this EP retains those honeyed tones but at no point do you feel challenged.

Kings Of Leon – ‘Use Somebody’

The bearded Coldplay finally follow up ‘Sex On Fire’. One of the year’s biggest albums and fine achievement in its own right, ‘Only By The Night’ is fast becoming overly familiar. Piped out from stereos in every pub, café, club and passing vehicle in the land, it is almost impossible to escape the clutches of the Followills. But with anthemic singles such as this, we may just put up with them for a little longer.

Ladyhawke – ‘My Delirium’

More filthy electro-pop from the Antipodean pixie. Ladyhawke’s much discussed asperger’s makes touring difficult, so it’s just as well she has such a club friendly sound. As ever, this single is itchily catchy, but the real fun happens on the flipside – check out the Toddla T and Sugardaddy remixes. (Read our interview with Ladyhawke HERE)

Ladyhawke – ‘My Delirium’

The Futureheads – ‘I Wouldn’t Be Like This If You Were Here’

Trends may come and go, but The Futureheads remain. Their continuing success is one long middle finger salute to 679 Records, who dropped the group after a second album that didn’t match the commercial performance of their hyped debut. Energetic perhaps, but this single lacks the infectious rebellion that runs through recent album ‘This Is Not The World’.

The Bamboos – ‘Amen Brother’

Possibly the most sampled drum break in history (1,000 drum ‘n’ bass producers can’t be wrong) gets reworked by the Australian deep funk legends. Whilst there are no surprises here, this is a frenetic and faithful take on one of the most influential – and uncredited – recordings of the past 50 years.

Get Well Soon – ‘Listen’

The German maverick Konstantin Gropper returns with a Christmas-themed EP. Tracks such as ‘We Are Cannibal Corpse’ suggest it won’t be a merry Yule-time round his house, but this is another example of his wonderfully unique songwriting style.

Dead Kids – ‘Into The Fire’

From the opening synth arpeggio to the final chord, ‘Into The Fire’ is one of the most striking debuts to come our way in a long time. Combining Iggy Pop-style snotty vocals with a frenzied backing this is set to rock indie dancefloors across the country. The guitars and drums don’t so much duel as hack at each other’s throats, battling towards submission just as the two-minute mark passes. Dead Kids have never sounded so alive.


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