Featuring Cave Singers, Wood & Espers

Shred Yr Face 3 may be over but ClashMusic has a special treat for fans of out there alt folk.

Founded as a means to get their favourite bands to tour the UK, the promoters behind Shred Yr Face returned recently with their third instalment. Last year the tour was No Age, Fucked Up and The Bronx share a tour bus, shattering ear drums as they go.

This time round, it seems as if something a little quieter was in order. Shred Yr Face 3 featured some striking acoustic based antics from Espers, The Cave Singers and Woods.

Perhaps best known of the three were Espers. The band had just released their new album 'III' when the call came to take part, rampaging around venues across the nation.

The Cave Singers meanwhile specialise in some spectral psych folk. Rising out of the ashes of much loved group Pretty Girls Make Graves the band released their new album 'Welcome Joy' earlier this year.

Woods, meanwhile, were the wild card. Coming into their own on Shred Yr Face 3 the band are one of Brooklyn's best kept secrets with their home recordings just recently reaching a wider audience.

Calling in a venues across the nation, Shred Yr Face 3 was a stunning success. To celebrate, ClashMusic can offer you a neat little download bundle:

Espers - Riding (Right click to download)

Woods - To Clean (Right click to download)

The Cave Singers - Beach House (Right click to download)

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