Dazzling new clip
Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light

Watch the 'Explicit' version of the video for the Scissor Sisters' song 'Invisible Light', taken from their recent 'Night Work' album.

The band have been battling the Winter weather on their current tour, issuing the following statement as the tour nears its conclusion this Thursday:

“It is with triumph and joy that we Scissor Sisters bid ta-ta to our British fans and friends. To say that we enjoyed our UK tour is a massive understatement: we have played our best, looked our best, and were blessed with the best audiences of our career. A huge THANK YOU to all who braved the elements (especially our Glaswegian sisters) and told the snow to sod off - and encouragement to all citizens of the UK to call your local council and MPs and have them invest some money in a snow plough or two. Take it from us New Yorkers: a little snow is nothing to be afraid of, just an opportunity to show off your shoveling skills!

But seriously, our British fans are second-to-none, and we are so proud and happy to call the United Queendom our spiritual home. Thank you and here's to 2011: may it be the best year of all our lives!

In parting, we leave your fair shores with an offering of our latest, and we think, greatest song and video off ‘Night Work’: ‘Invisible Light’. It is a magical trip down the rabbit hole, and we think the video made by Spanish auteurs Canada gives the song a wicked little spin. Enjoy!

Love, Your Scissor Sisters”

Watch the full version of the 'Invisible Light' video below:


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