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Columbia looms large in the public imagination, yet all too often this is for the wrong reasons.

A hub for the South American drugs trade, Columbia is trying to move beyond its violent past. A new generation of musicians are re-inventing what it means to be Columbian, expressing themselves in new and often frighteningly innovative ways.

British producer Quantic lives in the country, and shone light on the nation's Cumbia scene with a recent compilation. Seemingly, there's a lot more going on than meets the eye...

Which is where Roundhouse Rising come in. The London event have organised an Un-Convention discussion point, exploring political voices and social messages through spoken word, hip hop, social media, art and culture.

Part of the event is a panel focussing on Columbian music. Topics covered include Latin American Music in the UK (curated by Como No), Culture is Propaganda: Is Colombia’s new wave of cultural stars changing the image of a troubled nation? (curated by Colombiage) and more with the chatter intersected by spoken word, live music and more.

Working hand in hand with Roundhouse Rising, ClashMusic can present a live stream of the event. Just check back tomorrow afternoon (February 11th) at 3pm (Music for Social Transformation) and 4.30pm (Digital Infrastructure).

Roundhouse stream:

Colombia stream:

Watch live streaming video from especialestelemedellin at livestream.com

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Live stream taken from the Roundhouse broadcast team, part of the Roundhouse's creative programme for 11-25s. www.roundhouse.org.uk

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