Hear ' Strange Girl'

For those of us who grew up on the synth strains of Gary Numan and the overblown vamp-fun of 'The Lost Boys', Rosie And The Goldbug will seem all the more normal, for their goth-tinged electro-rock is awash with influences of all things 80's.

Before you dismiss them as mere kohl-wearing wannabes though, the band have in Rosie a front woman that emits a ball-breaking shriek that sounds like Siouxsie Sioux gurgling Goldfrapp's synths, clad in a Tetris t-shirt, of course.

Formed, as many do, after the failings of a previous band peddling (as Rosie puts it), ''boring old indie guitar wank''. Rosie left music school and enlisted the help of two fellow striking individuals and the trio set about embarking on their three-minute oddball razor-pop segments.

''The course was all about studying mundane jazz modes, I just wanted to rebel and write three chord pop tunes" quips Rosie, who is gifted with the kind of Femme Fatale eccentricity that could make the Pigeon Detectives quiver into their tins of Kestrel.

The results have seen the band compared to everyone from Ladyhawke to ''Cats on acid" by one prose-happy Broadsheet. Their debut album is to be released any time now in the UK, a hedonistic diva-drama of spiky synths and stiletto-heeled angst. This trio are coming for your jugular.

Listen to 'Strange Girl' by Rosie & The Goldbug below -


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