The dance duo play Scotland's most stunning festival...
The Count & Sinden

The Count & Sinden are sure to get bodies moving at RockNess this year, with a DJ set incorporating tracks from the dance duo’s forthcoming debut album for Domino alongside hits like ‘Beeper’ and ‘Hardcore Girls’.

Sinden took time out ahead of RockNess to reply to our festival-themed questions…

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Is this year your first time at RockNess? If not, what was your previous show at the festival like, and are you looking forward to visiting again?
Sinden: The Count & Sinden soundsystem played last year and we had a blast. The setting for RockNess is incredible; it’s one of the first festivals of the year and really sets the summer off. I can’t wait to spin there again. The crowd last time gave us plenty of energy and we ended up staying on site after our set and hanging out for ages.

The site’s close to a town, Inverness, but still pretty removed – are you a fan of festivals in the wilderness, so to speak, or do you prefer your outdoor events to be within spitting distance of some creature comforts?
Yeah, I love the fact that it’s pretty remote – what do you need off site anyway when you have so much amazing music? I still love the creature comforts but I don’t mind the journey, especially through the Inverness banks.

Typically, do you enjoy playing festivals? How do they compare to your ‘normal’ live show – do you find yourself playing any differently, or feeling any different while on stage? Has it ever seemed weird to you, playing in daylight?
I can’t wait to hit the festival circuit again. There is a good buzz, and festival-goers seem more intent on enjoying themselves, even if the weather is rubbish. Coming into the summer season there is loads of new material from The Count & Sinden album to get people excited, so I can’t wait to see how they go down!

Do you have any tips for acts playing a festival for the first time? Are you as comfortable sloshing around in the wet at a festival as you are soaking in the sun, or does bad weather really put you off at a festival?
I would say just the normal clichéd stuff: bring loo roll and wellies, et cetera. I don’t mind a bit of dirt as long as I’m suitably prepared. I wasn’t ready for my first Glastonbury show, and ended up having a bad time. Bestival last year was awesome despite the relentless downpour. I panicked for a minute, though, when the motor got stuck in the mud in the car park. Argh!

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The Count & Sinden featuring Kid Sister – ‘Beeper’

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Prior to attending festivals as an artist, were you one for attending as a punter?
I didn’t actually attend too many festivals before playing at them really. I went to a few one-day festivals in London parks, probably because there was no camping involved. I remember seeing The Cure drunk on Woodpecker cider when I was a teenager.

Are you one for sampling the flavour of a festival – wondering around the site, getting some food, drinking with some fans – while on site, or do you prefer to remain backstage, away from prying eyes?
A bit of both – it depends how tasty the artist catering is! Backstage is a good place to catch up with friends I haven’t seen for a while, but you don’t get the feel of a festival if you experience it from backstage. You need to get amongst it, have a wander about and take loads of pictures of people doing drunk, stupid things!

If RockNess attendees were to present you with anything, gift-wise, to remember the festival by, what would you like?
I would like a Loch Ness Monster t-shirt, something touristy please; or a fridge magnet to add to my fridge of places I’ve travelled to. Boring, I know!

There’s a feeling in the Clash office that Scottish crowds can be a little more… lively… to say the least, compared to south-of-the-border counterparts.
I always say the further north in the UK you go, the wilder the crowds get. Scottish crowds, by that theory, are the nuttiest then. I’ve had really memorable shows in Scotland because of that. I’m sorry fellow southerners, but you need to loosen up like they do in Scotland.

Finally, if you had to spend a night on site in a two-man tent, who’d be your IDEAL partner for the night? Can be anyone… but bringing people back from the dead might be a little weird.
My girlfriend!

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Find The Count & Sinden on MySpace HERE.

The Count & Sinden play RockNess on Sunday June 14 – find the official festival site HERE.


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