The DJ and producer on packing the wellies...
Kissy Sell Out

Can the party get any rowdier, really, than when Kissy Sell Out is bringing the ruckus? No. Probably not.

The DJ, producer and graphic artist is performing in ‘live band’ mode at RockNess this weekend – expect a number of cuts from his forthcoming album, ‘Youth’. Trust us: attend, with your finest dancing shoes, and you’ll leave happily motivated.

The man himself takes a moment or some to talk RockNess, and festies in general, with…

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Kisst Sell Out – ‘Her’

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Is this year your first time at RockNess? If so, do you arrive with any expectations based on what you may have heard of the event?
This is my first time as a band at RockNess – two years ago I spun records for the biggest crowd I had ever played to at the time which is something I’ll never forget, so I’m really looking forward to coming back for another round of mayhem!

The site’s close to a town, Inverness, but still pretty removed ­ are you a fan of festivals in the wilderness, so to speak, or do you prefer your outdoor events to be within spitting distance of some creature comforts?
I love being out in the middle of nowhere having a rave-up! Living in central London can get me down sometimes, so going as far as Inverness is like a magical mystery tour for me!

Typically, do you enjoy playing festivals? How do they compare to your ‘normal’ live show ­ do you find yourself playing any differently, or feeling any different while on stage? Has it ever seemed weird to you, playing in daylight?
All the live shows I’m doing have been equally awesome recently, to be honest. I’m really grateful to all the people that have come to my live shows because my band has had a great reception wherever we’ve ended up. It’s been a really humbling experience. I guess the big difference with festival shows is the size of the crowd, which definitely makes you more nervous before going on stage. But I reckon nerves are a good thing with us, because it makes us try even harder to pull it off.

Do you have any tips for acts playing a festival for the first time? Are you as comfortable sloshing around in the wet at a festival as you are soaking in the sun, or does bad weather really put you off at a festival?
I guess I’d suggest taking time to check out the other bands and make sure you enjoy your time on stage because festival shows can be really special if you give it your all. We’ve played in some real downpours before which have made setting up equipment quite scary but I’ve always found that if there is a good vibe in the crowd then you can party in any weather.

Prior to attending festivals as an artist, were you one for attending as a punter? Are there festival memories from your youth, or recent past, that you’d like to share?
No! It’s weird, the first time I went to festivals, like Glastonbury, it was as a performer; same goes with all the big clubs in UK have been as a performer so I didn’t really get to experience them as a punter. But to be honest once I’m off stage that’s exactly what I do as I love going to see other acts.

Are you one for sampling the flavour of a festival ­ wondering around the site, getting some food, drinking with some fans ­ while on site, or do you prefer to remain backstage, away from prying eyes?
I love sampling the weird and wonderful food concoctions at festies, and have yet to suffer any ill effects! It’s pretty cool hanging backstage with lots of musicians I admire (and trying to conjure the confidence to talk to them!), but I do try to get stuff in to the front moshing whenever I can. I do tend to get recognised more when I’m trundling around festivals now, which feels a bit strange since I’ll get even more self-conscious about my dance moves (or lack of them!), but I love talking to all the crazy kids who come to my shows and making new friends on my travels, which is cool.

If RockNess attendees were to present you with anything, gift-wise, to remember the festival by, what would you like?
The scenery around that area is immense so I reckon I’d be most happy if someone gave me a local flower or something to take home with me. That, or a big kiss!

How have you found Scottish crowds? There’s a feeling in the Clash office that they can be a little more lively to say the least.
Three words: “One More Tune!”

Finally, if you had to spend a night on site in a two-man tent, who’d be your IDEAL partner for the night? Can be anyone, but bringing people back from the dead might be a little weird.
I reckon it’d be pretty cool to share a tent with Devendra Banhart. I’m a massive fan of his albums and we could have an acoustic jam over some Newcastle Brown Ale before bedtime.

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Find Kissy Sell Out on MySpace HERE.

Kissy Sell Out plays live at RockNess on Sunday June 14 – find the festival’s official site HERE.


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