The turntable maestro is coming to Scotland...
DJ Yoda

Turntablist extraordinaire DJ Yoda is bringing his party time set to RockNess this coming weekend – and not for the first time, either. The man’s pretty experienced when it comes to Clash’s favourite Scottish festival.

A previous DMC award winner, Yoda’s no slouch at the decks – expect a kinetic performance from the man some have called DJ Shadow with a sense of humour. caught up with him ahead of RockNess…

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Is this year your first time at RockNess?
I’m proud to say that this will be my third RockNess – and based on previous experiences I can’t wait. It’s definitely the UK festival with the best site.

The site’s close to a town, Inverness, but still pretty removed – are you a fan of festivals in the wilderness, so to speak, or do you prefer your outdoor events to be within spitting distance of some creature comforts?
I like a mixture of both. I think RockNess is a perfect ‘wilderness’ festival for the UK, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not going to miss the Wi-Fi.

Typically, do you enjoy playing festivals? How do they compare to your ‘normal’ live show – do you find yourself playing any differently, or feeling any different while on stage? Has it ever seemed weird to you, playing in daylight?
I like the way that my year gets split up into clubs in the winter, and festivals in the summer. Because, let’s face it: it’s not as nice hanging out in dark smelly basements every weekend when the weather gets nice. I guess I’ve done enough daylight DJing now for that not to seem weird!

Do you have any tips for acts playing a festival for the first time? Are you as comfortable sloshing around in the wet at a festival as you are soaking in the sun, or does bad weather really put you off at a festival?
Tips for acts playing festivals? Hmm… bring some chocolate and cover your iPod with Clingfilm. And, as far as bad weather, sometimes it can actually make the atmosphere even better, as the crowd are kind of proud of themselves for making it through!

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DJ Yoda - 'Wheels'

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Prior to attending festivals as an artist, were you one for attending as a punter? Are there festival memories from your youth, or recent past, that you’d like to share?
I always went to festivals before I was going as an artist – although one of my favourite memories was at Glastonbury, the first time I played there. The security didn’t believe that I was DJing and I was really late for my set, so we ended up climbing over the gate, with a full record box – not easy!

Are you one for sampling the flavour of a festival – wondering around the site, getting some food, drinking with some fans – while on site, or do you prefer to remain backstage, away from prying eyes?
If it’s RockNess then I’m definitely wandering around getting a flavour for it all – the food tent is wicked there.

If RockNess attendees were to present you with anything, gift-wise, to remember the festival by, what would you like?
It would be some lovely fresh oysters – that’s what I ate last time, and they were DELICIOUS.

If you’ve played in Scotland before – albeit maybe in clubs, rather than a festival – how have you found the crowds? There’s a feeling in the Clash office that Scottish crowds can be a little more… lively… to say the least.
Yes, Scotland equals Rowdy. First rule of DJing!

Finally, if you had to spend a night on site in a two-man tent, who’d be your IDEAL partner for the night? Can be anyone… but bringing people back from the dead might be a little weird.
Um – two MEN as opposed to WOMEN? If I had to share a tent with another man, then just someone small, clean and quiet please. Like a hygienic dwarf.

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Find DJ Yoda on MySpace HERE.

DJ Yoda plays RockNess on Saturday June 13 – find the official festival website HERE.


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