New talent at the Scottish event

RockNess is almost upon us.

Scotland's wildest party, the event boasts some stellar headliners. But away from the likes of Fatboy Slim, Leftfield and The Strokes the festival has gathered some fantastic young talent who you might not be familiar with.

So ClashMusic have decided to enter the breach and guide you through five of the lesser known bands playing this year's RockNess. Can be bothered queuing for a burger? Do yourself a favour and check out some of these acts!

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1. Twin Atlantic
Can Twin Atlantic really be considered breaking talent? Younger siblings to Biffy Clyro the Glasgow based group have taken a similar road to success, embarking on lung bursting, van breaking tours across the country. Debut album ‘Viviarium’ was released last year, a mixture of crunching riffs and pop melodies. At times a deeply emotional affair, the band are unafraid to laugh at themselves. Impromptu covers include songs by Crowded House and Black Eyed Peas, as well as an infamous rendition of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndia Lauper.

Twin Atlantic - Lightspeed

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2. Jackmaster
Glasgow is seething with dance talent right now. Producers such as Hudson Mohawke and Rustie have led the way, but a new generation have emerged just as quickly to replace them. At the centre of the scene sits Jackmaster. Helping to run the Numbers label, the DJ colossus used to work at seminal beat emporium Rub A Dub. Given a guest host slot at Optimo, his DJ sets can move from cutting edge avant hip hop to cheesy house in a nano-second. Simply put, Jackmaster will play whatever he feels will move a crowd – with impeccable taste, of course.

3. The Ray Summers
The Specials reformation last year proved that skanking is an art form that ain’t never gonna age. The spirit of the 2-Tone giants runs through The Ray Summers, who mix it with a bit of street level indie suss. Managed by the same team who brought you The View, the Glasgow based ska-rockers have released just two singles but are already gathering fans across Britain and beyond. A performance at last year’s RockNess saw the storm clouds depart and the sun smile across the site. A coincidence? We think not.

4. Tango In The Attic
It’s fair to say that there’s not a lot to do in Glenrothes. One of Scotland’s many ‘new towns’ it is an urban sprawl sat between Dundee and Edinburgh. The lack of things to occupy their mind could explain the sheer imagination that lies behind Tango In The Attic. The five piece merge post-punk rhythms with rickety synths and a voice that reeks of Scottish life. A debut EP last year introduced the world to their offbeat delights, and with Tango In The Attic working on their debut album the world could soon be over-run by their quirky offbeat pop. The sound of young Glenrothes!

5. Dananananaykroyd
Not newcomers by a long stretch, but Dananananaykroyd remain conspicuously underground. Famed for their live show, what lies beneath the hardcore riffs is a pure beating pop heart. Debut album ‘Hey Everyone!’ was a joyous slice of punk-pop, as loud as it was infectious. Since then the band have toured across the world, before a fall in Australia halted them in their tracks. Breaking in new material, Dananananaykroyd’s set is a great opportunity to catch what may well be Britain’s finest live act. On the Main Stage, no less…

Dananananaykroyd - Some Dresses

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