Cutting through the usual industry crap

“Just don’t blab on about me whatever you do!” - this was Remi Nicole’s stark yet modest warning as we finished her first interview after Clash picked up on her impressive song-writing talent and incisive music currently busting straight from MySpace.

‘Blabbing’ on about her certainly isn’t going to be difficult since this 24-year-old looks set to fly her North London coop starting from, well…. about now.

"It’s not like the Spice Girls who were singing about jack shit, it’s about saying something which makes sense."

Remi is from the new wave of London songwriters whose observational wit and real life tales reach out and speak directly to the hoards of online music consumers cutting through the usual industry crap and music scenester bullshit.

“I have never been into one type of music,” she fizzes. “I just love music whether it’s the Spice Girls or some really cool band like the Klaxons – I don’t care. If I like the song then I like the song. When I started writing it was just me and my guitar and I had no idea in my head what I would be doing, I didn’t know I would ever be on stage performing.”

Consequently, and in her own words Remi’s career has just “happened very organically”; you hear this all the time but her rise has been particularly simple. After knocking together a demo with producer friend Johnny Douglas (Kylie, George Michael) he put it on his MySpace and “the phone started ringing straight away”.

Settling with Island Records, Remi has been ripping up the clubs with her lively acoustic shows, which sees her scrutiny of London life and friends delivered with an acerbic yet unique bite, as she explains: “I don’t think I have been influenced by anyone because I am not that type of music listener. I just listen to random songs and like them for different reasons.”

Currently progressing to the stage of full live band (with the former rhythm section of Deaf Stereo) Remi’s lyrics are backed by Johnny Douglas’s chunky hip-hop beats and wedges of happy bass heavy sound, and it’s a contemporary mix that has already served well for elder peers such as Lily Allen.

So to what degree does Remi feel that she’s part of the new generation of song writers of such company? “Lily Allen and Kate Nash - as far as I know - they wanted to do this for some time but it’s not like I have wanted to be in that scene. It’s come out of nowhere. I think the new generation of music has gone back to classic song writing. It’s honest, its real song writing. That’s what I like and what I listen to. I don’t want to part of the ‘cool’ scene. I just want people to enjoy my stories. So if that’s how Lilly Allen and Kate Nash feel then I am happy to be part of that scene.”

“I like to think that I am part of a new musical generation of young people writing their experiences into song for a positive reason. Not for Rap or Gangsta or people talking about negative things but rather I like to think that artists such as myself, Jack Penate, Adele – they are all singing about things that are intelligent, that can provoke thought. It’s not like the Spice Girls who were singing about jack shit, it’s about saying something which makes sense. Hopefully sometimes this can be encouraging and be positive rather than making you want to go out and kill someone or music that just makes you angry.”


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