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They may look a bit like ghoulish villains from a Japanese horror film but this hairy London based quartet are currently taking the city by storm with their experimental noise outbursts and epic live shows which shamelessly hark back to a golden age of rock and roll.

“Cosmic chaos”. That’s what we can expect this Thursday when Bo Ningen bring their spacey noise-kraut to North London’s Relentless Garage. And after stumbling across the band and breaking through their impenetrable wall of sound at Camden Crawl earlier on in the year, I can personally confirm this statement to be true. Yep.

A brutal collision of east meets west and progressive meets retro, Bo Ningen cover many disparate bases, sculpting elaborate sonic soundscapes from lengthy free form guitar freak outs and DC style punk squalls. Glazed over with a sparkling psychedelic sheen, they are certainly not your run of the mill indie four-piece, that’s for sure. They look pretty awesome too: their off-kilter seventies’ aesthetic certainly caught our eye and we recently shot the band for our ‘Style Clash’ feature. Hair like that takes some dedication to the cause. Three years to be exact.

After moving to the UK to study at the London College of Communications, frontman Taigen met his fellow band members whilst out and about on the London party scene. The fact that they are all Japanese is just pure coincidence apparently. Weird.

Taigen is currently flexing his musical muscle in other areas, cutting it as a solo artist (he has a gig with Screaming Tea Party at the Macbeth this week) and working alongsid chameleonic Japanese 8-bit maestro and good friend DJ Scotch Egg, aka Shige, providing vocals for his Devilman project.

Whipping up something of a frenzy, Bo Ningen have been proclaimed by many as one of the best live bands around, and their ability to take gig goers on an otherworldly trip through strange and winding sonic passages certainly punctuates this. “We prefer playing small venues as we can control the sound more," says Taigen, speaking on the band's celebrated live performances. "We just finished recording the album and have a lot of new songs too to try out, but we never play the same show twice, it’s going to be an experience, a new experience. A great experience.”

So for an experience you'll never forget, head down to the Relentless Garage in Highbury this Thursday. You're in for a right cosmic treat. Tickets are just £5. Get yours HERE. But you'd better be quick, as there are only 100 on sale!

Check them out HERE

Words by April Welsh

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