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Red Bull Music Academy Steve Reich

Being called “our greatest living composer” by the grand old dame that is The New York Times or “the most original music thinker of our time” by The New Yorker, should already say enough about a creator. Steve Reich is certainly all that and even a bit more. Experienced in the field of Western Classical, Reich managed to transcend regional or cultural boundaries, incorporating influences from around the world as well as from past, present or future. Born in 1936 and influenced by John Cage, he walked his own way alongside other American minimalists like Philip Glass, Terry Riley or John Adams – although Reich himself prefers the term post-minimalism. Repetition and the use of speech and field recordings mark the cornerstones of his vast body of work. To name all his awards, prizes or lectureships would easily take up the space of a small town phone book. Among his most famous, compositional adventurous and critically acclaimed works are ‘Different Trains’, ‘Music For 18 Musicians’ or pieces like ‘Come Out’. Breath-taking music created by a fascinating man. Please meet a true genius.

Watch the full length footage of his lecture for Red Bull Music Academy 2010 below.


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