Legendary producer speaks

Joe Boyd knows a thing or two about production.

Moving to London from the United States, Joe Boyd got involved with the city's music scene after opening the legendary night spot UFO. Pink Floyd became the house band, and when it came to producing their debut album the group knew who to call.

Honing their frenetic psych outbursts into something approaching songcraft, Joe Boyd played a massive part in the artistic success of 'Piper At The Gates Of Dawn'. Later working with The Incredible String Band, Joe Boyd was invited to start his own production company.

Witchseason only lasted a few short years, but released seminal recordings by Nick Drake and Vashti Bunyan as Boyd invited British singers to twist folk music into new and exciting shapes.

Dropping by Red Bull Music Academy to impart some words of wisdom, Joe Boyd was on fine form regaling the audience with some forgotten tales of the 60s counter culture.

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