Red Bull Music Academy: Busy P

On playing the sample game
Pedro Winter is a modern day Malcom McLaren. Impressario and musicican alike, this Parisian used to manage what is arguably the most influential dance music act of the '90s, Daft Punk, before he started his own label Ed Banger Records in 2003. Since then, he's shown the world that it's still possible to successfully deal with music, pushing the careers of the likes of Justice, Uffie, DJ Mehdi or Mr. Oizo, while anticipating and shaping a colourful trend called nu-rave with the label's instantly recognizable artwork.

A mix of all things hip hop, pop, electro, disco and rock, Ed Banger set the Vice magazine to music, putting back relentless fun and a barrel of laughs into the global club music scene. At the same time, Pedro has kept his creativity as a DJ, producer and remixer: he's re-edited Kraftwerk classics, collaborated with Westcoast indie rapper Murs, and played every relevant rave in the Western hemisphere and beyond. So you never know what to expect from Busy P, his label or his crazy peers. Time to get busy!


Chief Ed Banger Busy P talks about negotiating Daft Punk samples without lawyers.


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