Through the woodlands...

For most artists, the countryside is some sort of idyll, a place to escape to when life in the city overwhelms them.

For Rachel Sermanni though, it's just her back garden. Growing up in the Scottish Highlands, the young songwriting was surrounded by some of the most naturally seductive scenery the British Isles have to offer.

Which perhaps explains her new video. 'Waltz' - cunningly written in threes, hence the title - is given the visual treatment, with Rachel Sermanni featured wandering around in the woods.

Picking up pieces of a puzzle and the odd book or two along the way, the Scottish artist finds herself trapped in some kind of fairy tale. Will it all end happily ever after? Well... you'll just have to wait and see!

Watch the video below.

- - -

'Under Mountains' is set to be released on September 17th.

Photo Credit: Louise Bichan

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