"When I'm gone..."

Life in the an office is simply a fact of life for a huge chunk of Western civilisation.

Sat in cramped, air conditioned cubicles staring at a screen for endless hours, life passing by behind the blinds. It's a subject most know all too well, and something which is fuelling Race Horses new single.

'My Year Abroad' is a typically sharp blast of pop music, shot through with a satirical wit worthy of Jarvis Cocker. Out on September 3rd, Race Horses open with thudding, post-punk style bass before giving way to icy synths.

There's a dose of Soft Cell here, an art school tradition being resurrected. Following a businessman's trip to Tokyo, singer Meilyr Jones explains that he wanted “the grim reality, not the glamorisation of excess, using things and people, cheap thrills.”

The video is typically striking. Essentially a simply performance piece, there is an added psychedelic edge to what Race Horses do with the final tape being treated to give it a dreamy, distorted feel.


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