She just can’t see enough of the world
Private Passions - Regina Spektor

“I really love travelling. I wouldn’t put it into the same category as touring because that’s a completely different way to see the world and it’s not very realistic at all. Not long ago I played two shows in Tokyo and after that stayed there for ages travelling. I went all the way up to the Iga Province, where the ninja’s are from. I saw little kids dressed as ninjas but can’t be sure if I saw any real ones.

I met a really amazing Geisha in training in Kyoto. She was seventeen and it was fascinating to learn about the incredible discipline. Another fantastic place I went to was Israel. Being from Russia the main reason I found it so moving was because of the history and anti-Semitism. I find that so much of the world’s problems are created because of a lack of communication. You see things on the news about Israel and you envisage this war-torn place but when you get there there’s Muslims and Jews walking around together and people living in harmony. One of my favourite places in the whole world is Paris. I have friends there so it’s a real privilege to see the city outside the eyes of a tourist.

You don’t want to be a shitty tourist who’s yelling things out loud and checking the attractions off a list but there’s some things you just have to do, like seeing the statue of David in Florence. I stood for an hour in front of that sculpture without moving. It was so arresting. It’s indescribable. I love museums and some of my favourite cities are connected to my favourite museums. When I’m in London the first place to go is the Tate, then the British Museum and the Portrait Gallery.

I think it’s important to travel and realise that people are just people. Some of us naturally have different rhythms. The vibe you’ll encounter in London is different to the one in Rio. It’s like music. Everybody’s made up of notes within time but there are different types of pieces.”

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