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Gritty and unrelentingly realistic, British rapper Plan B is set to return with his new single 'Stay Too Long'.

Real name Ben Drew, Plan B grew up in a series of London council estates. Attracted to the brutal communication of hip hop the young artist also needed an outlet for his gentler, more expressive side.

Taking up the guitar, Plan B simply rapped over the top crafting an uneasy mixture. Becoming an underground hero a series of early mixtapes showed the depth of skill present in his songwriting.

Beneath the gritty slang and often unpleasant subject matter lay a still beating heart, with Plan B taking care to emphasise the humanity in his work. Debut album 'Who Needs Actions When You Got Words' was a huge success, gaining critical plaudits and even entering the Top 40.

Now Plan B is back with his new single 'Stay Too Long'. Due for release on January 11th the track is taken from his upcoming second album.

Check out the full length below, with a guest appearance right at the end...


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