Beatles classic re-visited

Sir Paul McCartney is preparing to release his new concert film 'Good Evening New York City' and ClashMusic has grabbed a stunning excerpt!

The Beatles were a bit of alright, really. Changing the way the music industry operated, the band took control out of distant songwriting teams and placed it firmly in the hands of the acts themselves.

Continually challenging their preconceptions of what it was possible to achieve, a pattern of one-up-man-ship began between twin songwriters John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney.

Released in time for the Christmas rush in 1966, 'Day Tripper' went on to become one of the group's most enduring singles. Built around a blues riff the song hints at becoming a chugging 12 bar before those familiar harmonies drop in.

A solid collaboration between Lennon and McCartney the track remains a staple of Sir Paul McCartney's live set. Taking to the stage at Citi Field earlier this year the evergreen musician threw in a host of Beatles tracks, including this storming version of 'Day Tripper'.

Watch it below...


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