11 more party tracks

Today's selection of 11 songs as we build towards our grand total of 55, comes from the guys and girls at Original Penguin itself.

The tracks below were chosen by Louise Hughes (PR & Marketing Manager for Original Penguin) & Chris Terry (UK Sales Manager for Original Penguin).

You can see all of the week's song choices, adding up to that magical 55 number, on ClashMusic.com HERE.

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1. Masters Of The Universe - Space Talk

Chris - I was lucky enough to live in Manchester between 1988 and 1990 and this reminds me of the Hacienda at it's best. Nuff said!!

- - -

2. Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

Louise - University memories - chill out time - back from a club, all partied out. Loving the vibes.

- - -

3. Lauryn Hill - Everything is Everything

Louise - Reminds me on Uni and working in Revolution Vodka Bar in Nottingham in 1997. This whole album was on repeat.

- - -

4. Japan - Adolescent Sex

Chris - Basically I wanted to be David Sylvian after listening to this and it inspired several unsuccessful experiments with eyeliner and hairspray if I'm honest. I think Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes may have had a similar experience!!

- - -

5. Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody

Louise - Brings back many memories of late night work sessions....but always in the company of great tunes like this.

- - -

6. All American Rejects - Gives You Hell

Louise - Tyson Ritter was the lead man for the Original Penguin AW09 campaign and this song reminds me of being part of an amazing shoot with a wicked crew. The location for the shoot was New Jersey and was shot in a seedy motel where the average number of 'couples' that frequented a room per night was 3!!

- - -

7. Kasabian - Underdog

Louise - Top band, great song. An Original Penguin showroom classic!!

- - -

8. Diana Ross - Love Hangover

Chris - I had to include a disco track and this has everything. Totally epic, it starts out as a ballad before breaking down into the most impossibly funky disco section

- - -

9. Paul Van Dyke - For An Angel

Louise - Takes me back to working in Ibiza in 1998. So many memories, I just wish I could remember them all.

- - -

10. MGMT - Time To Pretend

Louise - Can't remember what festival it was that I saw them at but they are so cute and lyrically quite sad.

- - -

11. Caribou - Odessa

Chris - I thought I better include something more up to date in my selection as it's looking decidedly retro, so here's a great track from an album currently on the stereo. Wonky electronic dancefloor business and a great album too.

- - -

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