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Ones To Watch - Younghusband

Young Husband are nothing new to London’s live music venues, however the four tracks that make up new EP ‘Crystal’ constitute their first serious release, following swiftly behind a single outed this June.

It’s a surefooted foray, a bobby dazzler of a record: the tracks are dreamy, a mussed-up crush of guitars over pop-infused vocals and throughout an insistent, pertinent bassline. Asked what they were listening to during the making of the record, singer Euan cites the classic sounds of Motown and soul; bass player Joe adds a more obvious influence of Krautrock, and they are influences that are readily heard in their output.

“At the heart of it is always a pop song,” Euan Hinshelwood chimes. “I like writing pop music, although we almost self-sabotage,” he says, referring to the cacophony of reverb and fuzz swathing the melodies. “We’ll elongate or mask a certain part, almost disguising certain parts that if they were out there on their own, they might sound a bit obvious…” he pauses. “We just try and put a lot of baggage in front of the song.”

“When I sat down to write ‘Constantly In Love’ I set out to make a song that would have been played by soul bands in the Sixties, that kids would have went out and bought. It actually only took me ten minutes, not because it was throw-away, but because of its simplicity.” 

Recorded in Dalston in only three days, their EP, which is released on November 21st, marks only the beginning of a serious assault on the scene and is soon to be followed up with their debut album at the beginning of next year.

Word by Hannah Lanfear
Photo by Samuel John Butt

Where: London
What: Psych-folk
Unique Fact: Singer Euan is also a member of folksters Emmy The Great.
Get 3 songs: ‘Idiot Son’, ‘Tropic Of Cancer’, ‘Neon Heartbreak’

Younghusband play at the launch party for the next issue of Clash Magazine on 10th November at The Lexington in London. Find out more HERE

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