Sisterly folk duo
Ones To Watch - The Pierces

The line between passion and obsession is very fine. Just ask the Pierce sisters. Back in 2000 they were being lauded as the best thing to come out of Alabama since the invention of the hot-pocket.

Fast-forward to 2011 and they are back in London again, having filled Bush Hall as headliners and been booked for all the best festivals. Though it’s only just kicked off for The Pierces, they’ve been jostling in the pack for a decade and are only now getting their dues. “Ironically we’ve got the hang of it now,” Allison laughs. Her younger sister, Catherine, steady by her side, agrees: “I think it some kind of karmic thing. We didn’t have all the elements in place the last time, we weren’t able to promote as much which we can now. Things just seem to be aligning.”

Indeed, Clash tried to get The Pierces on a Ones To Watch CD about six years ago, seduced by their husky, bluesy folk. We’re relieved they have made it, but it must have been arduous getting passed around the US label circuit like a commodity.
How did this dragged-out process change them as artists?

“We’ve just become more sure of what we want and how we want to sound. As far the songs go I’d say maybe in the beginning they were more a little sweeter and confessional and now...” Catherine jumps in: “I don’t know, mine are still sweet and confessional! I don’t know how the art itself has changed. But for me as an artist, there was such an urgency when I was younger to prove yourself, to show yourself to the world. And now I think I’m just a lot more at peace with myself as a person and therefore as an artist.”

Words by Matthew Bennett
Photo by Samuel John Butt

What: Confessional folk
Where: New York via Alabama
Unique fact: Both sisters are epic ballerinas
Get 3 songs: ‘Secret’, ‘You’ll Be Mine’, ‘Glorious’

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