"What the fuck Birmingham?”
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"What the fuck Birmingham?” That’s what these Brummie grunge rockers put on a huge billboard alongside their faces in the city after signing to Columbia in May. How did it feel to be blown up like demigods? “It was long overdue,” laughs frontman Harry Koisser.

We chat in the office, an incongruous setting given the four-piece’s imprimatur for black leather jackets, subversive guitars riffs, and uninhibited shows. An early London gig nearly saw them thrown out before soundcheck after painting a peace symbol on the venue’s walls. “Some security guy came over and our manager told him I was a famous street-artist. The guy stood there watching me paint for a while and then said, ‘Oh right. I get it’,” laughs guitarist Doug Castle.

It’s not taken long for people to get what Peace can do. Early demo ‘BBlood’ impressed with its carnival drum beat and tropical guitar picking. Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood gave up his trousers for a copy. “We gave his gardener a demo and they came back with a pair of trousers. We didn’t ask how he’d acquired them,” explains bassist Sam Koisser.

April’s debut single ‘Follow Baby’ was a rasping slap in the face to anyone who thought they had the band pigeon-holed. It’s an explosion of thrashing guitars and jilted drumming. They’re now experimenting on an EP with Jim Abyss. One track is ten minutes long. “It features the chord progression from the trance classic ‘1998’ by Binary Finery, but done our way.”

With things escalating there’ll likely be more billboards. Drummer Dom Boyce is wary of hitting it big. “I had a spot on my chin in that press shot,” he says. “You can get away with that for a blog but on a billboard it’s huge!”

Words by Simon Butcher
Photo by Samuel John Butt

Where: Birmingham
What: Grunge/Indie
Get 3 Songs:‘Follow Baby’, ‘BBlood’, ‘Li’l Echo’
Unique Fact: Drummer Dom used to go clubbing in Birmingham wearing a full-length robe.


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