Mancunian melodic rave

Dance music has a habit of chasing its tail like a dog on acid. But occasionally an artist will emerge that manages to create their own artistic vacuum. Lone, AKA Matt Cutler, serves his name well in this respect. He’s a producer that is happy with his music. Describing Aphex Twin’s ability to flip, invert and sift through styles and genres in complete freedom, Cutler (comfortable in zero arrogance) says: “I just don’t see why I can’t do that too. There’s no reason why I just can’t do anything.”

And anyone who has remotely followed the trajectory of his discography since his tropically dipped ‘Lemurian’ LP on Dealmaker Records in 2008 will probably concur. Stylistically from here Lone has remained monogamous to melody, but around this central tenet he’s rotated seasick, hypnotic hip-hop on Actress’s Werk label then some 1989 land cruising around the Roland drum racks on his ‘Emerald Fantasy Tracks’ LP.

Now, succeeding his volatile ‘Echolocations EP’ on Belgian dance imprint R&S, he’s given them his new, more understated album: “It’s totally different actually. Because I was getting known for doing this sort of old school house, hardcore ravey stuff, I just completely changed it. It’s more of a home listening record.” But sat in The Red Star café in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, the young producer clearly clocks my raised eyebrow: “Well, it’s not that kind of relaxed!” he hastens. “It’s still quite banging, but in a kind of a different way. I’ve not drawn inspiration from anything really, whereas all my other stuff has been really referential, very specific in what it’s influenced by, it’s almost been an ode to that old house music. Where as ‘Galaxy Garden’ has no rules to it anymore. The best thing you can do is be yourself and just ignore whatever’s going on.”

Words by Matthew Bennett

Where: Manchester
What: Melodic rave
Get 3 songs: ‘Once In A While’, ‘Cobra’, ‘Crystal Caverns 1991’
Unique Fact: Lone’s album cover for ‘Galaxy Garden’ looks EXACTLY like an astral backyard.

Photography: Samuel John Butt
Photographic assistant: Josh Brown
Styling: Zoe Whitfield

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