Joyful, redemptive, technicolor indie pop

You know how it is. You’re stuck in New York, career going nowhere, and then some painter girl turns up at your show. She likes your tunes, you like her paintings, you hit it off immediately. Within a week you’ve both decamped to an artists’ commune on Crete. Three other random dudes turn up and again something clicks. You write some tunes together. They’re incredible.

Eventually you scatter across the globe again. But you can’t forget about Crete and the amazing vibes. So everyone hooks up in LA. Someone’s got a studio and you have a crack at recording. It goes so well, this time nobody wants to go home. Next thing you know, you’ve got an EP in the bag, you’re tipped for greatness and you’re living the dream - touring the world with your soul mates whom two years ago were total strangers.

Sound familiar? Well, no, it probably doesn’t. But it could happen. Hey, it happened for Grouplove.

“You’ve got to appreciate the now and the present”, says front man Christian Zucconi. “A lot of the songs on the record are about that. ‘Itching On A Photograph’ embodies what we did in our lives to make this happen; leaving everything behind, taking this chance.”

So that explains irrepressible waves of joy that course through their every groove. Positive, loveable, effortless songs that sound like they might have magically written themselves. With such fortune on their side no wonder they thought nothing of just allowing themselves to get swept along with it all; unbridled by the politics and egomania that distracts so many nascent bands.

“That’s what makes this band work”, says Christian. “We came together and started on a clean slate. We were all at a certain point in our lives where we were very lost and weren’t sure what was going to happen. And we remind each other of that all the time. If we weren’t all doing this….I don’t know….”

Aw, sob, sounds like Grouplove to us.

Words by Jim Brackpool
Photo by Samuel John Butt

Where: Brooklyn/Crete/LA
What: Joyful, redemptive, technicolor indie pop
Unique Fact: Hannah from the band painted the cover for Morning Benders’ album ‘Big Echo’.
Get 3 songs: ‘Colours’, ‘Itchin’ On A Photograph’, ‘Spun’

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