Shimmering indie-pop with a cerebral edge
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With London five-piece Good Dangers it’s all in the name. On first listen shimmering keys and a proclivity for pop melodies will have you hooked, but behind the well-polished exterior hides a lyrically deep undercurrent. “There’s definitely a dark side to our music. I think there’s a dark side to everyone,” confirms frontman Gavin Turnbull.

This shady side of life was something the quintet encountered first-hand when filming the video for debut single ‘DFYF’ in a park at night. “It turned out to be a massive dogging area. We always had someone on standby with a torch to say, ‘We’re not interested’,” laughs classically trained pianist Jenny Cosgrave. The title stands for ‘Don’t Fuck Your Friends’. “We’ve all fucked our friends,” says Gavin before adding: “Not necessarily sexually. What I mean is don’t fuck them around. It’s a celebration of friendship, and a warning.”

The group became friends while studying at Goldsmiths, where they’d write at home with a bottle of wine and a computer. The resulting demos are well produced indie-pop gems which could end up being played in living rooms up and down the country. ‘Abigail’, a song about being there for someone in need, gathered attention quickly online. “I don’t know a girl called Abigail but I know girls I feel that way about - the idea that ‘you’re pretty fucked up right now, but there’s something in you I really love’,” he says.

Their songs inspire hope. “It’s like you’re lying down on a beach with the sun shining and you fall asleep, then suddenly it clouds over and the rain starts coming down. You wake up in the middle of a storm, but all your friends are around you to cheer you up,” explains Gavin. There’s definitely a bright future here if their current repertoire is anything to go by.

Words by Simon Butcher
Photo by Samuel John Butt

Where: London
What: Shimmering indie-pop with a cerebral edge
Get 3 Songs:‘DFYF’, ‘Abigail’, ‘Beat Of Your Heart’
Unique Fact: Frontman Gavin is Australian, having moved at age eleven. He still loves to surf.


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