Big, cinematic scores
Ones To Watch - Gazelle Twin

The complexity of the female artist is a subject that sits uncomfortably at the back of most people’s conscious. Pornographic videos, explicit lyrics and a general expectation to overexpose have long been part of the rigmarole laid down by the music industry. Changes to such an order have always been on the cultural periphery - Karin Dreijer Andersson’s Fever Ray being a prime proponent of artists who have deliberately destabilised any previously held ideals through their own on-stage interpretation. Gazelle Twin is cut from the same cloth.

“There’s an expectation as a female artist for you to reveal all,” explains Elizabeth Smalling, AKA Gazelle Twin. “To be an extrovert and overly sexual - and while sexuality is very important, I didn’t want to have to give in to that side.”

Cultivating a stage persona as the costumed Gazelle Twin has empowered Smalling to overcome any awkwardness she previously felt about going on stage. The transition has also placed the classical tuition she received firmly back in her own hands.

After previously dropping out, frustrated by the formal culture of classical music, and the dogmatic structure she was forced to apply to her compositions, Gazelle Twin was a creation to break the mould - both from a gender perspective and to reclaim her love of film scores. The type that have become the blueprint for her debut LP, ‘The Entire City’.

Now with a London date set for September, be sure to catch Gazelle Twin’s live show. You wont regret it.

Words by Samuel Ballard

Where: Brighton
What: Big, cinematic scores.
Unique Fact: Her forthcoming album has also been made into an interactive piece.
Get 3 songs: ‘Men Like Gods’, ‘Changelings’, ‘I Am Shell I Am Bone’

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