Fraternal two step duo
Ones To Watch: Disclosure

Meeting like minded people when you’re young can be hard but luckily for Guy and Howard Lawrence they found each other across the family dinner table. The brothers, sharing a frustration at lacklustre indie music were saved by a moment of clarity via enigmatic innovator Burial. “I played that album (Untrue) to my brother and we just knew that was the music for us.” says Guy.

The duo soon started to create their own blend of vibrant beats and punchy two step, recently releasing their debut single, ‘Offline Dexterity‘ via Moshi Moshi. At just 16 and 19 years old Disclosure might make you feel like a relic but they are taking the recent blue-print laid down by their heroes Joy Orbison and Mount Kimbie and running with it. “We just love music” explains Guy “We look up to guys like Skream and Four Tet and want to be like that. We spend all our time working, finding samples and recording.”

You can feel this craft in Disclosure’s recordings with technical and intricate patterns sidling up alongside soulful vocal cuts and floor shaking drops. The pair are ambitious too, with big live show plans, “We want it to be more than a typical set with us behind laptops, we both play instruments and we’re going to be playing a lot when we get everything together.” says Howard. Currently living in their heroes shadows, don’t be surprised if Disclosure are inspiring hearts and minds themselves very soon.

Words by David Renshaw



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