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For Ryan Hendrix, frontman of Colourmusic, the decision to form a band came from his experience of the British educational system.

“I went to England as an exchange student and they had a music programme at the school I went to that concentrated on nothing but electro acoustic music. I spent all day making cool sci-fi sounds. I would spend every single minute of the day making those sci-fi sounds and I realised nothing else I’d ever done in my life meant more to me than making those sounds. I thought, ‘I gotta start making music.’”

This marks the inception of the world of Colourmusic: a happy place where music is inspired by Blade Runner just as much as gospel. And Sixties rock and electronica co-exist in perfect harmony. It may seem a bit presumptuous of us to feature them on a Ones To Watch list right now, with a debut album still a work in progress, but we just know that Colourmusic are worth keeping an eye on.

It’s their interesting take on live performance that caught our attention: “I saw U2’s last tour and it was just the most rehearsed show I’ve ever seen,” explains Ryan, “like, ‘After this song we play this one and after this one we play this one’; every big band does that. Everything has to be rehearsed and it’s just not exciting. The most exciting part of that show was when The Edge’s guitar was accidentally out of tune. That’s kind of my view on live shows; every night has to be different.”

Colourmusic don’t just talk the talk, their own live shows in and around Ryan’s hometown of Oklahoma certainly get people talking. For one of their shows, the band members decided to grow their hair beforehand and then allow audience members to come on stage throughout the night and snip away. But it wasn’t quite as spontaneous as it may sound. “To be honest, the people that came to cut off our clothes were our buddies. Whenever we’d do a show with a big theme or something we’d have every single second of it accounted for. I hate it when bands make it uncomfortable and force a certain level of interaction on the audience.”

With the release of their debut album scheduled for a mid-2010 release, it’s no doubt going to be a big year for Colourmusic.

“I’m so excited about the album, so excited.” Ryan reveals. “I feel it’s going to be more valuable than anything else that may come with it, if that makes sense. I don’t care if it gets us a huge career, that’s not as important as the music we make.”

Even though Colourmusic’s engaging live shows and bouncy genre-mashing tunes certainly suggest there’s obvious potential for a great future, their aspirations remain somewhat modest: “I want to keep doing what we do and make sure we get to play for a few hundred people every night,” says Ryan, “it sounds so pathetic but that’s the truth.”

Words by Hemza Lasri

Where: Oklahoma/Yorkshire
What: From psych-folk to ’60s rock
Unique Fact: Their music is directly inspired by Isaac Newton’s theory on
the relationship between sound and colours.
Get 3 songs: ‘Yes!’, ‘Spring’, ‘Put In A Little Gas’

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