Dark, grainy and emotive

Cold In Berlin are a band that you need to see live to fully appreciate. That’s not to say that their debut album, ‘Give Me Walls’, isn’t brilliant (it’s phenomenal if you’re asking) - it’s just to see singer Maya clambering all over the furniture and screaming down the mic is something that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

The four-piece create a dark, choppy, pulsating noise that the front woman delivers her frenetic, almost out of control, Karen O vocal to. It’s the reason they’re on our radar - and they should be on yours too.

“The reception to the album has been really good - way better than I ever could have imagined,” says Maya. “We’ve had so little in the way of negative feedback.”

And it’s true, the press have been hugely positive about Cold In Berlin - although one review griped about the band’s swearing - they have built up a solid fan base in and around London and are now looking to expand across the country.

So what can we expect from Cold In Berlin in the future? “Hopefully more travel, seeing lots of other countries and playing to bigger audiences,” states Maya. “More festivals and more radio play. We’re doing some new recording in March and different people we know have offered to do different remixes, so there’s quite a bit in the pipeline…”

Words by Samuel Ballard

Where: London
What: Dark, grainy and emotive
Unique Fact: The album cover to ‘Give Me Walls’ shows Berlin at the end of WWII.
Get 3 songs: ‘Your Noise’ ‘White Horse’, ‘Total Fear’,

Watch the video for Cold In Berlin's 'Your Noise' on ClashMusic HERE.


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