Eclectic, naughty, upfront and honest

Brodinski is the latest Francophile dancefloor sensation. “I got involved in electronic music in 2004,” he reveals to Clash. “But I discovered electronic music through skater’s videos. These days I’m getting more and more into hip-hop music, because I can find ten new and different tracks a day that help quench my music thirst!”

This is what was said when I asked Brodinski about his influences and introduction into music – a straightforward and upfront answer (as expected from the millions of faceless DJs around the world who offer their personality through a mix of tunes). And Brodinski’s music is just that - eclectic, naughty, upfront and honest, mirroring his penchant for new music and that unquenchable desire for more music. Brodinski first hit our eardrums with ‘Bad Runner’, leaked onto blog sites before being released on Swiss imprint Mental Groove, and was subsequently one of the biggest techno tracks of the year. But aside from solid influences such as Aphex Twin, Damian Lazarus and Andrew Weatherall, Brodinski quotes techno and hip-hop as his biggest influences, something that can be heard on his new Bugged Out mix - this cross-pollination, some may say, is the very essence of the popular record label and club night.

“Some people say everything in techno has already been done, but I disagree as I can still find something decent every week that brings me something new.” He goes on further to explain his love for hip-hop. “I want to be a good DJ so I check every kind of music I possibly can to make sure what I pick is the best that I can find. I think hip-hop music made me understand all types of music and think this genre has given me so many good ideas. You really can find everything in hip-hop.”

With such an eclectic attitude to music as a whole, and an insatiable appetite, this particular DJ doesn’t just rest on his laurels. In fact, he remains constantly busy. “Part of my problem with music, and with everything actually, is that I always need to discover something new. I need to learn and then I like to share what I have learnt through my blog or with my friends. I think that this is something typical for people from my generation.”

Since Brodinski tore a hole in music, he’s been in heavy demand for his remix duties, with Bonde de Role, DJ Mehdi and Adam Sky all being reworked into a unique sound, a furious and eclectic mix of everything beat driven. The rising star rounds off: “People can discover new artists or tracks whilst rediscovering old artists and music at the same time.” And with heavyweight tracks from Duke Dumont, Late Of The Pier, DJ Zinc, Tiga, Boy 8-bit and his current production partner Yusek beavering away alongside him, the future for this fresh and excitable DJ looks bright indeed - be prepared to be switched onto electronic music like never before.

Words by Joe Gamp

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