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Ones To Watch - Antonia Campbell-Hughes

This year started with a bang for Antonia Campbell-Hughes when she was named as one of the Shooting Stars at the Berlin International Film Festival. “What’s different about it is that it’s purely about the craft, the talent and brilliant actors. Not to blow smoke up my own arse!” she laughs self-deprecatingly. Shooting Stars has previously highlighted talents including Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig, Carey Mulligan and Andrea Riseborough. “It’s not about trend, or beauty or the media, it’s about pure talent,” she adds.

The jury recognised Campbell-Hughes for her role in The Other Side Of Sleep in which she plays a sleepwalker who wakes up next to a dead body. “She’s a character who has always been a bit of a social recluse and has never really engaged in society with other people. So I lived like that,” she explains. “You can shed layers of yourself for a character to a certain degree but this is beyond being another person, it’s almost like being an animal.”

Having worked with the legendary Jane Campion on Bright Star, Campbell-Hughes appears with another legendary figure in the shape of Glenn Close in this month’s Albert Nobbs. “Glenn is incredibly eclectic. Her career has been very varied and she’s dabbled from brilliant commercial films to quite small nuggets. It’s been a joy working with them and I’ve kept in close contact with both.”

Next up is a role alongside Noel Clarke in the thriller Storage 24, with a lead role in an adaptation of the Niall Griffiths novel Kelly + Victor also on the horizon. “Storage 24 is really different from what I’ve done before,” she enthuses. “It’s about how fear and confinement can twist what people are really capable of.” It seems that Campbell-Hughes will be firmly ascendant in the near future.

Words by Ben Hopkins
Photo by Samuel John Butt

See Antonia Campbell-Hughes in Albert Nobbs (out April 27th) and Storage 24 (in cinemas in June).


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