Post-punk debstep? Fuck off!
Ones To Watch 2011 - Breton

Pressure is an essential conductor in any band’s formation. Yet BRETON’s had a degree of comedy instilled too. “Me and Adam Ainger both went to audition for a band,” explains Roman Rappak, “and the bloke thought we were equally shit, so we formed a band.”

Transforming a converted bank into their studio living space, BRETON have been traversing numerous sonic landscapes. Pitched as ‘post-punk dubstep’, this five-piece thankfully possess considerably more scope than that awkward and 2D description. BRETON dismember hip-hop, post-punk, noise, dubstep and weird bass into a nimble and rarely stationary cauldron to diffuse alchemical delights.

Roman sidesteps the issue of genre quickly: “I don’t think we’ve got any choice of what we’re going to sound like in six months. Our songs so far are more like field recordings and references, like sounds from this building we live in. They’re not meant to mean anything to anyone else. We’re not saying, ‘Oh, it’s a snapshot of what’s happening in music right now’.”

Signed to Untold’s ambiguous Hemlock Records, it’s an imprint that certainly is saying what’s happening in music now, with records from James Blake and Ramadanman. Add into the mix a record-buying public who can’t get enough of live acts like Mount Kimbie and Darkstar - collectives taking modern bass off the turntables and onto a stage - and you can hear why BRETON are getting the Clash nod. Get ready to get weird.

Words by Matthew Bennett
Photos by Marc Sethi

WHERE: South London, UK
WHAT: Artrock-step
UNIQUE FACT: Breton’s ‘Shared EP’ actually turns into a real life working synth. No joke people.
GET 3 SONGS: ‘Counter Balance’, ‘Hours Away’, ‘Pop Death’


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