Natalie Duncan - Gimme Shelter

Stones classic covered...
'Gimme Shelter' is one of those tracks which simply seems to exist.

Used in countless Hollywood movies - normally to soundtrack napalm explosions in Vietnam - the Rolling Stones' classic has a tangible sense of menace.

Yet it's also delicately put together, and ultimately soulful. Fast rising British singer Natalie Duncan recently recorded a stripped down version of 'Gimme Shelter' with only the barest of accompaniment.

Demonstrating a different side to the track, Natalie Duncan's effortless delivery is a nice counterpoint to the blistering original. Much more elegiac in tone, this is an intriguing take on 'Gimme Shelter'.

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Natalie Duncan's debut album 'Devil In Me' will be released on 16th June through Verve Records. Head to for more information.

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