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Glasgow isn't quite the city you would expect to find a challenging, engaging, forward thinking reggae collective.

Better known for its indie and techno scenes, the city has harboured Mungos Hi Fi - a rolling collection of DJs, producers and more. New album 'Forward Ever' is out today (November 21st), mixing some crisp production with appearances from reggae icons, underground talent and more.

ClashMusic have gained a stream of the album, which you can listen to below after reading a few words from the collective.

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Mungo's Hi-Fi - Forward Ever (Clash exclusive stream) by Outpost Music PR

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We started out as music fans, then DJs playing in bars and clubs, but we were often frustrated by the sound quality of in-house systems. We didn't have much cash, so when we found some old speakers in a skip we thought we'd try to fix them up. From that moment we were hooked and the system we have now is the result of 12 years of tweaking and investing in better kit.

There were sounds in Glasgow before we started, and we delighted that there are many more now. The problem we have is that there are very few places where we can use ours due to the ridiculous noise complaints policies in this country that mean that even if one person (who chose to live in the centre of a city) wants to complain, they have the right to spoil the fun of hundreds. It is a labour of love, not a business venture, based on a vision that the dancehall can nice again. We like to think it has a positive influence on people and that the shared enjoyment and sense of community it creates has meaning and value.

Much more than the speakers and amps is knowing how to use them, both in a technical sense, but more how to deal with people the right way.

Too many sound engineers are more concerned with protecting their kit than with getting the best out of it and often the dj is seen as the enemy or a filler between bands.

Too many DJs redline the mixer in an attempt to increase the volume and vibe, while they are just destroying the clean signal and making the compressors kick in. We have had to make our own limiter in the shape of a wooden bat which we have to brandish surprisingly often to tame unruly DJs, even those with years' of experience who you would have thought would know better.

This antagonism can be heard in the sound and felt in the dance. There is a lot to be said for having full control and understanding of the sound from the record to the listeners' ears. You could call it a holistic approach. Everyone involved needs to be on the same team, fulfilling the same mission, and like any team game this means taming egos and lifting up the downhearted.

Ultimately the Soundsystem is a collective of folk more than a collection of equipment and we could not function without them. We have been blessed with good friends who share our love and enthusiasm and are prepared to sacrifice their time (and backs) to do without sleep, drive long distances and lug the 100kg boxes in and out of venues. It's not about volume, it's about vibes.

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'Forward Ever' is out now.

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