Texan guide us through his new album

With his new album adorning the office stereo, ClashMusic invited Micah P Hinson to give us a track by track guide.

The first album the singer has recorded with his new backing band The Pioneer Sabateurs, the new record is another step forward for Micah P Hinson. That reverb soaked growl is still in place, but The Pioneer Sabateurs add a touch of the outlaw to his country croon.

Settling down at his writing desk, Micah P Hinson penned us these few words...

- - -

1. A Call To Arms
This song came straight from the strings of "the letter at twin wrecks". A friend from Zaragoza, Spain, and myself composed it. I thought it was just too beautiful not to hear independently. I feel the songs actually serve as a "train" of sorts that leads the listener into the "world" of the record. The recording is clear and serene, but it's leading you to a strange place. A place where things aren't really what they seem: full of disappointment and eagerness.

2. Take Off That Dress For Me
This song took me about 3 minutes to write. Originally, this recording was supposed to be a rough demo, but every time I went back to re-record it, it just never sounded the same. The radio signal wasn't comin' in right. It really goes to show how powerful I feel about first takes. There's a sincerity and a truth to it that could never be found again. It also represents the "modern" view on love and relationships. The whole concept of love is cheap, sex is good. And there are no consequences that lie therein. And all this, I believe, only leads to more loneliness and more pain.

3. 2's and 3's
I ain't still sure what to make of this one. Again, it was supposed to be a demo, but it just kept on growing and growing. I couldn't stop it. this is one of those songs that the meaning will find me later. But for now, I suppose it's just about getting on in life, seeing mistakes as nothing more than stepping stones. Regretting nothing, as all our mistakes end up helping form who we are. If we know nothing wrong, how can we know what's right?

4. Seven Horses Seen
I had a friend growing up. He was my best friend, whatever that really means. We used to shoot frogs with our .22 rifles. We tore around the countryside on his father's four-wheelers. But he was a sad boy. You could see it all in his eyes. He had the biggest blue eyes. The girls couldn't resist him. He didn't have a good upbringing. His parents were quite violent, and ended up getting a divorce when we were in grade school. From that point, I saw my friend dwindle down to almost nothing. He was always in and out of prison. Always getting caught pissed behind the wheel of some huge truck. He seemed to be hooked to marijuana, as someone would become addicted to cocaine. The addiction was in his blood. He learned well. His dad was a juicer and a cokehead, his mom was a weak willed woman. And then one night when he was living in a small Texan town, miles and miles from where I was living, he was shitfaced and was fighting tooth and nail with his girl. She ran out into the front yard and he followed. She called the cops cause he was apparently out of his mind. It isn't hard to imagine. So the fuzz is coming, and he bolts inside. The cops show up, lights blazing in the night sky, standing in the front grass with his woman, and then: BLAM! A gunshot was heard. They went in and he was gone. One single bullet to the face. that's all it took. It was such a shock, and not a shock at all, as I was very much like my friend, and I knew in some ways the circuitry of his little mind. I miss him and when the world lost him, it reminded me how close I was to this kinda outcome. Thinking of him and this fills me with sadness, but at the same time, hope. One fallen Abilene soldier, so the rest of us can see a lesson and try to take it for truth.

5. The Striking Before The Storm
This song came from an interesting time in my life. I had just been robbed in a bus station in Dallas for over $600, at knifepoint. So I made it back to my hometown, Abilene, told my roommate what had happened, and the landlord booted me out the next day as he thought I’d spent all my rent money on drugs. So then the song came. In a round about way, it's about be stabbed in the back, I suppose. At the time, I just couldn't seem to get my shit together and found it easier to blame everyone else. I sooner or later played the song for my mate and he called it easy that it was about our situation. It shocked me. I didn't know I was so transparent. But, oddly enough, it was probably the best thing that could happen to me. The doors that were opened to me once I left there were endless. It’s the best $600 I had ever spent.

6. The Cross That Stole This Heart Away
I was going through a heavy spell with my wife. We were both lost, due to certain things, this and that. And generally, when a human finds himself in a strange place, he turns to his God. This one is generally about having that feeling, trying to feel some sort of spirit, and it never seems to come. Humans have a tendency to feel alone and abandoned, and rightly so, and we have a tendency to run away. It's hard to hear something when you're not listening.

7. My God, My God
Again, clearly this touches on a bit of spiritualism. And again, about not being heard and being alone. Humans and priests taking life into their own hands based on the "silence" of their God. I think this is a proper human condition. People are always wondering why and how and who and when; and they look for answers and find none. It's desperate, but when you think of it: we all suffer from this, so it's clearly universal. Unless you are one who believes in nothing, and I am sorry for you, believing in something, even if it isn't true, is important. It gives us something to look forward to, or to fight for, something to love and care for, something that will give us that white tunnel at the end of our days, even if leads nowhere, it must be better than here.

8. The Letter At Twin Wrecks
I wrote this song for my wife, but folks can feel free to plug in any name they wish, whatever best pertains to them. I imagine it's pretty clear as to what I am up to with this song. It came out of desperate and sad times. I think it's a song that holds equal amounts pain and happiness. Troubles in a relationship, any type, are inevitable. People do things they never dreamed they could do; for bad or good.

9. Watchers, Tell Us Of The Night
Your guess is as good as mine. Ha. But I just wanted to make something new, something that touched on nothing I had previously attempted or created. The vocals, unlike most my songs, I feel, take a heavy back seat on this one. I would almost even consider it an instrumental. The meaning and the feeling reside in the instruments to heave out and attempt to get something across to the listener.

10. Stuck On The Job
Oh fuck, another song of love lost. Jesus, will I ever quit? Prolly not. I am moving the picture around in my head. Looking at things from different points. More of an omniscient view, instead of proper first person. I think it's pretty apparent as to what is happening to our characters in the story. he's out doing things he shouldn't be doing, making excuses, while his wife, his darling, is setting up a noose for a new life. Whether it's metaphorical or straight up word for word, I am sure many people have found themselves in this position in their lives. Dishonesty is a wine the masses drink by the gallon. It must stop. People are like windowpanes, they ain't hard to break.

11. She's Building Up Castles In Her Heart
Again, I think this is clearly one to where the vocals take a back seat. The lyrics are pretty damned straightforward. The mystery is in the music. I wanted to make something huge, something odd, something that people would have to fight through to hear it all. It all becomes one big sound that moves and heaves here and there. I am at a loss of words for this one, as it pertains to things I wish to not bring up in such public of places.

12. The Returning
This came out of a massive and violent fight with my wife. Actually at the time, we weren't married, but were getting ready to. We lived in two separate apartments, just caddycorner from each other, and one day, after this huge outburst, I storm off to my apartment, set up some gear, and just began to get to it. To some it might sound like a whole worthless piece of noise, but each and every note has dire meaning and importance to me. It also represents, or attempts to represent, the struggle of life. There is the birth, the torture of all the pulse pounding and endless days, and if it is pulled off right, the beauty begins to come out and the world sounds and seems so much different than it ever did before.

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